Our Story

Our Values

four eyes is built on the belief that buying glasses should be fun and easy. We’re a small, socially conscious third-generation family business from Singapore, with big dreams of making fun and quality eyewear accessible to all.

At four eyes, we believe in giving back. We do so by working with partners to provide the gift of sight to under-resourced communities. For every pair of spectacles you purchase from four eyes, a portion of your money will be used to fund the material costs for sight restoring surgery. Learn more about how we give back here.

Our Experience

Armed with over 50 years of professional, qualified experience in optometry, and a wonderful, colourful, collection of frames, we bring smiles to the millions of people who require prescription glasses.

All four eyes prescriptions are handled by our team of professionals, certified by the Singapore Ministry of Health Optometrists and Opticians Board.

Our Heritage

Our humble beginnings can be traced back to 1965, in a small studio along Selegie Road. Located opposite the historic Selegie House, one of the earliest Housing Board estates in Singapore, our family has provided both optical and photography services since the 1960s.

In 1981, we expanded our optical business and opened 2 additional branches at Fortune Centre and Crawford Lane. Later in 1994, a new branch was added at Whampoa Drive. Over the years, we have built a reputation in the industry for providing high quality eye care and have served more than 100,000 Singaporeans over several generations.

Our Transformation

In 2020, four eyes was born as Singapore's accessible luxury spectacle brand. With a direct to consumer model, four eyes offers premium quality spectacles at half the prices to save Singaporeans $100-$300 every year on eyewear. Learn more about our unique pricing model here.

Enabled by technology, four eyes allows you to take full control over the shopping experience by providing Singapore's first and only free Try-at-home service. Say goodbye to crowded malls and pushy salesmen! Try frames at your own pace, engage your friends and family, shop from the comfort of your home. Join our four eyes revolution and #SupportLocal!

Disclaimer: four eyes is an independent brand and business developed wholly in Singapore. The business was founded in 1965 as an optometry practice and launched online as “four eyes” in 2020. We are unrelated to and have no association with other organisations who may be using the same name, including those of foreign origin, notably, "Four Eyes" from the Philippines.