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four eyes prices
At four eyes, we provide premium quality spectacles at affordable prices.

In a traditional setting, 50% of the price you pay for prescription spectacles have nothing to do with the spectacles. Instead of paying for higher quality products, customers are typically made to foot the bill for distributors, shop rental, overheads and expensive brand premiums. At four eyes, we make sure your dollars are well spent on things that matter. Check out the infographic to see where your money goes! 


What about those super cheap spectacles I saw elsewhere?

Many sellers use materials such as TR-90 plastic and cheap metals to imitate the look of expensive frames. However, four eyes has decided not to accept any poorly made spectacles into our collections. The infographic explains why this decision actually saves you more money. 


Your prices look similar to what I see at my nearby optician! How do I know four eyes is better?

If you are able to find others offering the same standards we've promised, anywhere else in Singapore, at a price similar to ours, please let us know! We would love to make friends, we are pretty lonely at the moment...

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