Choosing the Right Lens

Having a great pair of lenses is important for your eye health. You can be assured that all four eyes prescriptions are handled by our team of professionals, certified by the Singapore Ministry of Health Optometrists and Opticians Board.

four eyes lenses are carefully sourced and edged in Singapore, and pass through our vigorous quality checks before they are handed over to you. Additionally, all four eyes lenses are:

✓ Lightweight
✓ Dust-free
✓ Impact resistant
✓ Scratch resistant
✓ Non-reflective 
✓ UV coated

Lens Options

- Classic

High quality lenses that are lightweight, dust-free, impact resistant, scratch resistant and non-reflective coated

- Blue-Light Filtering (+$30)

Blue light emitted from digital screens may cause eyestrain and eye fatigue. Our blue-light filtering lenses absorb negative blue light to give you comfortable vision all day, whether you’re working on your laptop, playing games on your phone, or watching your favourite dramas. Blue-light filtering lenses also absorbs 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays to give your eyes maximum protection.

- Light-Responsive (+$30)

Anti-reflective lenses that block 100% of UV rays, and transition from clear to a darker grey tint outdoors. These lenses also block visible light to make things look darker the way that sunglasses do

Lens Index

- Standard

Standard thickness with a 1.56 Index.

- Thinner (+$30)

Our thinner lenses (1.67 Index) are recommended for four eyes wearers with high prescriptions (+/- 4.0 or higher), for a sleeker look.